Friday, September 11, 2009


Bitterness is a frozen form of latent anger and resentment.
Bitterness grows out of our refusal, to let go when someone or something is taken from us. Bitterness is being constantly hurt by a memory and is holding onto a hurt until it has a hold on you.
Bitterness is the unhealthiest emotion you can have. When you are offended or disappointed by others and allow the hurt to germinate in your heart, bitterness and resentment will take root. Bitterness is characterized by an unforgiving spirit and generally negative, critical attitudes. Bitterness and resentment are both sinful and self-defeating.
The bitterness pervades everything.
What happens to a person if she keeps bitterness on the inside for many years?
What happens to her physically?
Can she get physically sick?
Suppose it is bitterness toward a person.
She kept it inside nurturing, she has not shared it.
She has not defiled many people -- she has kept it down inside.
When she keeps it inside for some years, she finally begins to hurt.

p/s: tell me where it hurts.

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