Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can you spell AWKWARD?

Last Saturday, i went to catch a movie in Alamanda with of course my bf. While waiting for the movie, my bf went out for an air and i just waited inside watching Liverpool's match against Fulham (i think). As i glued my eyes on the t.v, i noticed there was a man peeking through the glass wall but as it was Liverpool on the t.v...i was like...whatever dude.But then, i heard a knocking on the glass and automatically i turned my eyes to the knocking. I thought it was my bf but it was...drumroll for it...ex-bf! I was shocked! Should i go outside and meet him? Ah, what the heck! I went to see him and to my surprise my bf was talking to a friend who came with my exbf. And it was my bf who told the ex-bf that i was inside...heeeh. We were talking about nothing while inhaling the awkward air. It was really awkward seeing your ex-bf while going out with your bf. It has been two years since our last meeting. As i had nothing to say to him, i made a not really nice comment about his belly...hehe...(dont blame me, blame his belly ok?). To make things more awkward, i said this 'awk kenalkan bf sy tu?' and i said it on purpose coz i know they knew each other...hihihi.

P/S: Honestly, i wanted to say this to him, 'have you met farhan, he is everything you're not dude'.