Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can you spell AWKWARD?

Last Saturday, i went to catch a movie in Alamanda with of course my bf. While waiting for the movie, my bf went out for an air and i just waited inside watching Liverpool's match against Fulham (i think). As i glued my eyes on the t.v, i noticed there was a man peeking through the glass wall but as it was Liverpool on the t.v...i was like...whatever dude.But then, i heard a knocking on the glass and automatically i turned my eyes to the knocking. I thought it was my bf but it was...drumroll for it...ex-bf! I was shocked! Should i go outside and meet him? Ah, what the heck! I went to see him and to my surprise my bf was talking to a friend who came with my exbf. And it was my bf who told the ex-bf that i was inside...heeeh. We were talking about nothing while inhaling the awkward air. It was really awkward seeing your ex-bf while going out with your bf. It has been two years since our last meeting. As i had nothing to say to him, i made a not really nice comment about his belly...hehe...(dont blame me, blame his belly ok?). To make things more awkward, i said this 'awk kenalkan bf sy tu?' and i said it on purpose coz i know they knew each other...hihihi.

P/S: Honestly, i wanted to say this to him, 'have you met farhan, he is everything you're not dude'.


nuur said...

hahahah.. patut cakap je... jgn simpan simpan dalam hati...heee

sheera said...


ijamdbest said...

ko jmpe mamat tu ke..dia mmg ade kt putrajaya kn..hehe..jgn aku salah orang dh le ek..hehe..