Sunday, January 2, 2011



in less than a week, i'll be in Bali for a break from my not-so-busy-life-but-yet-always-filled-problematic file. this is my first so called international holiday without my beloved parents. how exciting...haha!


currently, i'm force to think about a problem that has been bugging since 4 months ago. problem with my previous ####### master. i dunno whats wrong with her.
maybe she is born that way. i dunno what i've done to deserve this from her. i thought of tonnes of impossible things that i could do to get this thing done and over. if i could sue her for giving me such a shitty work experience and phobia for a snobby boss like her, i would!

to PNA, i do not wish others to harm you but i wish that you'll ruin yourself.

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