Wednesday, January 5, 2011


MZS introduce me to Myspace.
I fell in love because of Myspace.
I lost a relationshit because of Myspace.
All the why-dont-you-comment-my-page-but-you-got-time-to-comment-other(girls)-page drama.
I hate it but i love it.
I was an emotional person on Myspace.
Know why? Because of these nicknames i've put on Myspace:-
*give me an honest slaps instead of false kisses
*honey, i ain't happy too
*anakin, you've breaking my heart
*i ain't happy
*your love is mine
WTF!? Hahaha. I know. What a loser!
But, I kinda miss Myspace time.
It reminds me of how emo, weird and inmature I was.

p/s: Is Myspace still relevant these days? It has been two years since my last login on Myspace =)

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